I would like to share my first hand unforgettable and a high gratitude experience with doctor Bansal. Last year we were in US for a short stint and during that period my 3 year old daughter came up with tooth ache , though she had significant number of cavities 😌with her for quite some time. All thanks to chocolates , gummies, cookies etc.. In our home country we got her reviewed with dentist but looking at her age it was not easy for them to pick the treatment. Anyhow when she was in severe pain in US during our stay , we went to couple of dentist but the suggested cure was spanning over good number of weeks , that involved anesthesia too ( oops I am little scared of that) and we didn’t have time over there. Moreover the kind of pain she had we didn’t even had time to wait to start the treatment. She was going through sleepless nights in pain and we were suffering as parents.
Then we met Doctor Bansal ( pedodontist) , she was God’s angel to us and then it went so seamless that after our first meeting with doctor Bansal the whole dental problem was put into reverse gear. She not only guarded and treated our kid with her love , affection, medical care / expertise but also ensured the cure is in the best favor of child. I remember we had couple of meetings with her , from diagnosis , cavity filling , wiggling out spoiled tooth, fluoride covering etc but as we were moving on ,both kid and us were gaining more confidence and trust in her. The way she won my kid’s trust to allow her to touch and treat her open mouth , that was really fantabulous. She has her own way of talking in kids language, extremely polite / lovingly and connecting with them before really bang on the treatment with tools.
This whole way of hers comforted us so much as parents , even she once reviewed my 9 years elder son. He was so amused to get reviewed by her.
Our concluding sessions were kind of outings with family and we used to have planned things to do post session. Since it was going so smooth and easy way by her. Even today my little one talks about her.
We have very high regards to her humane and medical abilities!!!!!
Trust me kids are in real safe hands if treated by her. Moreover she is always reachable at her hours to address the queries of puzzled, anxious and stressed parents.

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